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Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities and Globally Sourced Materials Provide Superior, Cost-effective Products

Neapco operates modern manufacturing locations throughout North America and Europe. At all locations, products are manufactured using the most advanced computer-controlled machinery and globally sourced materials to provide superior products at competitive prices. Neapco production plants use lean manufacturing, synchronous material flow, and demand-oriented manufacturing principles to optimize customer value.

Automated High-volume Workflows and Process Improvements

Our Lean Enterprise at Neapco (LEAN) workflow incorporates the latest manufacturing innovations, including value-stream mapping (VSM), rapid continuous improvement (RCI), total productive maintenance (TPM) and Visual Factory.

Manufacturing capability highlights include:

  • Flexible assembly cells — Assembly of aluminum and steel driveshafts in single piece or multi-piece configurations

Neapco manufacturing woman

  • Advanced tube assembly construction — Grob forming of splines into steel and aluminum tubing

Neapco tube assembly GROB tube assembly

  • Advanced welding techniques — Friction welding of steel and aluminum, double- and single-ended magnetic impelled arc (MAB), automated gas metal arc (Pulse MIG)

Advanced welding technique Advanced welding technique 2

  • Automatic assembly straighteners — Automated correction to straighten shafts where necessary and improve balance

Automatic assembly straighteners

  • State-of-the-art Vision System — Fully automated quality assurance to detect proper assembly and verify all parts are in place eliminates 100% visual inspection while ensuring quality and safety
  • In-house heat-treating and high speed dynamic balancers — Produces ideal tolerances and durability

Vision System Vision System 2

  • Precision CNC 4-axis transfer machining and CNC turning — Produces close tolerance repeatedly on products
  • Goss-Porta high-speed CNC transfer machine with robotic gantry — Able to produce over two million yokes a year

A full range of automated manufacturing capabilities:

  • Automated hollow milling
  • Vertical and horizontal broaching
  • Centerless and cylindrical grinding
  • Automatic welding and driveline assembly
  • Automatic precision tube cut-off
  • Automated straightening of driveshaft tubing
  • Digitally controlled driveline balancing
  • Extrusion forming
  • High-volume production using multi-spindle chuckers
  • Internal diameter grinding
  • Manual and automatic needle loading
  • Specialized CV joint manufacturing
  • Spline hobbing
  • Spline and thread rolling

automated manufacturing

Neapco manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest advanced production machinery and
workflow processes to provide maximum defect-free throughput.

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