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Engineering-driven product development to meet customer application requirements

Innovative customer-focused engineering drives Neapco product development. Our highly qualified teams of design and process engineers respond quickly and imaginatively to solve specific application problems. In recognition of that, Neapco engineers have been awarded numerous patents for inventions such as:

  • A radial free-motion driveline
  • Slip-in tube propshaft design
  • Quick-disconnect coupling devices
  • Innovative steering column designs

Cross-functionality methodology

Our engineering methodology emphasizes customer input, interaction and feedback. Initial face-to-face meetings cover design requirements, materials selection, and budget requirements. This process will assist in optimizing the products’ performance and clearly define the requirements.

Once these parameters are set, product development teams are established to shepherd the process through. These product development teams are cross-functional and multi-disciplinary, with design and manufacturing engineers working alongside quality, purchasing and sales personnel. These collaborative efforts typically lead to products that are reliable, durable and reasonably priced.

Advanced prototyping capabilities and modeling software

Neapco advanced prototyping capabilities, fatigue and strength analyses and driving dynamics testing optimize development time and improve results. These capabilities include multipoint data collection for concept validation, state-of-the-art simulation technologies for all components, and quick design modifications, when needed.

Our engineers use the latest software technologies to model, validate and fine-tune designs early in the cycle, when changes are easier and less costly to make. Pro-Engineer is the primary design software, and Pro-Mechanica Finite Element Analysis Software and other packages are used to anticipate problems instead of waiting to discover them at application. Rapid prototyping of a form-fit-and-function product sample can also be done when metal prototyping would be too time-consuming or expensive.

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